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Why Does Pessimism Sound So Smart?

The daily market swings (volatility) in 2016 in both directions - up 1 to 2 percent one day, down 1 to 2 percent the next - are unprecedented. To quote one of our favorite industry experts, Nick Murray, "This market is beyond manic-depressive; it's paranoid schizophrenic." We understand all of this movement and uncertainty may be wearing you out. And here we find ourselves again writing another blog about why it is important to stay the course, to fight through the fatigue, to ignore the financial media. In markets like these wealth is either created or destroyed.

Which path will you choose?

So, instead of telling you again why you should stick to your investment plan, we'll instead share an article, "Why Does Pessimism Sound So Smart?" by Morgan Housel of the Motley Fool to do our bidding.

Remember, this too shall pass. Fight through the fatigue and you'll come out on top. If you don't have a plan or know someone who needs our help, please share this post.