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401k Services for Small Businesses

Thrive’s mission is to deliver a first class retirement plan solution that inspires participants to save and invest for retirement while making it easy for plan sponsors to meet their fiduciary duty.

The retirement landscape has changed dramatically. Employees used to have three sources of income (pensions, Social Security, and personal savings) to count on in retirement. We often referred to these income sources as “three legs to your retirement stool”. Today, pensions are rarely offered, Social Security will likely change due to people living longer, and personal savings is nowhere near enough to close the gap. The stool is wobbly and in jeopardy of collapsing without proper retirement preparation. The responsibility is on individuals to save more and invest wisely.

Plan Sponsors also have new challenges with increased regulation and more service options. They can no longer ignore these complexities and must adhere to their fiduciary duty to act in the Plan Participants best interest.

Thrive’s conflict-free approach strives to enhance plans from a design, cost, investment, process, and compliance standpoint. Click here for more information on our 401(k) Solutions. 

Get our guide, "401(k) Plan Solution" for more information on how we can assist your business.

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