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Why Thrive?

The financial advisory industry is broken …

Many people decide not to hire a financial advisor because they think:
  • It’s hard to find someone to trust
  • Difficult to justify the cost and unable to see the value
  • Advisors are only for wealthy people
  • I can do it myself 
Others have worked with financial advisors and found:
  • The cost outweighed the benefit
  • I was promised financial planning but sold an insurance or investment product
  • The process was too complicated
  • I rarely heard from my adviser

To learn more about our iThrive Life Planning Process™ check out our video below: 

I'm Ready To Thrive

Thrive was founded to change a broken industry.

"We are purposely a boutique firm founded by experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals dedicated to offering REAL financial planning for a fair fee."