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When Diversification Fails; and Why We Still Believe

Happy Holidays!

As 2013 comes to an end, the S&P 500 (largest 500 companies in the United States) is up 29.42% (as of 12/19/2013). Many compare their portfolio to this common index and will be in for a surprise as they review their year-end statements. Conversely, the Barclays United States Aggregate Bond Index (total United State bond market) is down 1.97%.

Naturally, one would question if a diversified portfolio is the right strategy. The short answer is – YES.

During this wonderful season of giving and believing we wanted to share a commentary; “When Diversification “Fails,” and Why We Still Believe”. In between eating cookies and spending time with your loved ones, please take an opportunity to read the commentary below by clicking here.

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