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You’re a Retirement Entrepreneur

Congratulations, you're an entrepreneur!

 Building your retirement portfolio is, in a very real sense, equivalent to building a business. It's a business that will eventually provide income to supplement social security and any other sources of retirement income you may have.

 Like establishing any business, a retirement portfolio starts small and requires discipline to achieve success. While at first you might not recognize that contributions to your retirement portfolio are actually building a business, the fact is that shares of stock, which make up the investments in equity funds, are proportional shares of publicly traded corporations. In other words, your business owns parts of publicly traded companies, as well as makes loans via bond funds. 

 Successes are to be celebrated and set-backs will occur. As is the case with most businesses, growth isn't a straight line. How we react to various market environments will largely determine the value of our enterprise down the road. 

 Like any successful business, your retirement portfolio is working even when you're not. For example, while you are on vacation with your family, the companies within your portfolio continue to operate, and the bonds continue to accrue interest. 

 Additionally, diversification across companies, industries and countries provides an added level of protection against the inevitable changes in the marketplace. 

 You're the boss.

Continue to build your portfolio... the business that will allow you to enjoy your retirement however you define it.