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Not Just for the Older Crowd: Powers of Attorney for the 18+ Year Old

If your child, or someone close to you has a child turning 18 and will be heading off to school in the Fall, or if you already have a child attending college, you may want to consider having that young adult sign Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Financial decisions. Although your 18-Year-Old may still be a kid in your eyes, that’s probably not how your State sees it. Often times associated with the more mature crowd, the Powers of Attorney for the newly minted adult can prove to be invaluable for parents and guardians.

In the article from Forbes Magazine titled, Two Documents Every 18-Year-Old Should Sign, author Deborah Jacobs highlights many of the reasons why these documents need to be put in place as soon as possible.

The good news is, we at Thrive can help you get this done through our network of very qualified Estate Attorneys. Please read the full article here and call us with any questions.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, have a nice holiday weekend with family and friends and talk to those 18+ year olds about getting their Powers of Attorney.