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Creating Your Own Online Security Breach, Inadvertently

When we think about digital security our focus is usually centered on protecting our private information from breaches which can ultimately lead to identity theft. In fact, most of what we see reported in the news related to digital security focuses on this aspect too. But have you ever given thought to the negative consequences of what we share willingly online, about ourselves and our families, and the long term breach of privacy that can accompany “staying connected.”

This week we want to share two TED talks that address the phenomenon of leaving an online legacy and what can be done about it. Often times in our conversations with clients we tend to discuss legacy in terms of how much money to leave family or to charity upon passing. But what about the reputation, the legacy that we all may inadvertently leave behind that will live on forever? Because keep in mind, although human memories fade and most of us have a tendency to remember the “good” of someone who has died – the internet never forgets (good or bad).

The first video, Your Online Life, Permanent as a Tattoo looks as the surprisingly permanent effects of digital sharing on our personal privacy; in life and death. The speaker, Juan Enriquez, draws upon the lessons of the ancients Greeks to help us address this emerging 21st century problem.

The second video, After Your Final Status Update, asks the question, What happens to your online personality after you’ve died?

After watching these short videos perhaps we will all think twice before rushing to post on Facebook, share a picture on Instagram or send out a Tweet.