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ALERT: Equifax Cyberattack

Yesterday Equifax (one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies) reported hackers had gained access to company data that compromised sensitive information for 143 million American consumers. The information compromised included Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers.

The criminals gained access to certain files in the company’s system from mid-May to July. Equifax found out on July 29th. So far no evidence of unauthorized activity has been found or reported. For more information, please visit Equifax’s website.

What you should do?

  • Go here to see if you have been impacted
  • If impacted, enroll in free credit monitoring offered by Equifax
  • Keep a close watch on activity in all your accounts
  • Report any suspicious activity to the provider and credit bureaus

For our clients, we have comfort in the fact that trades must go through Thrive as the investment advisor on your accounts. Moreover, withdrawals must be submitted via paperwork and verbally confirmed by Thrive.

Events like this remind us of technology threats. This is not going away and we all need to be vigilant in protecting our personal data and monitoring our account activity. Please reach out to our office with any questions.