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Insurance Planning

The insurance industry has a bad reputation because agents often sell policies without knowledge of your complete financial picture. Like any financial decision, proper use of insurance vehicles must be made after understanding how they fit into your custom plan. Insurance can be a powerful planning tool and should not be ignored.   

Our Insurance Philosophy

  1. Independence - We are not captive to an insurance carrier. We have access to over 40 insurance companies and run analytics to find the most competitive carrier for your need.
  2. Insurance Is Not An Investment - Don't let someone confuse you, insurance is not an investment. We do not sell annuities or variable life contracts. We only place fixed (term, universal life, long-term care, and disability) policies.
  3. Education - You will not be sold, we work with you to fully understand your options and how insurance fits into your plan.
  4. Hands on Service Approach - We work with you during the entire purchasing process and continue to service your policy throughout the life of the contract. Some agents will sell a policy and disappear. This will never happen at Thrive, policies are only implemented after you've gone through a comprehensive planning process.    
  5. Transparency - You'll never look back and say "why did I buy that policy". You will always understand how a policy fits into your plan. 

To learn more about our Insurance Planning, please contact us today!

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