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Employee Benefit Planning

Retirement for early generations was much simpler in that you could rely on your pension, social security, and investment assets to support your retirement. For many employees pensions are long gone and replaced with complex 401k matching formulas, restricted stock, qualified and non-qualified stock options, corporate owned life insurance, and performance based awards to name a few. These complexities make it very difficult for people to know what they have and how they can maximize these benefits.

How Thrive Can Help:

  1. Simplify - We'll work with you to simplify these complex benefits so you know what's available
  2. Maximize - You do not want to leave money on the table. You've worked hard for these benefits and deserve to take full advantage of each vehicle. This involves following plan rules and understanding unique tax consequences. Decisions can only be made after an understanding of how they fit into your plan. 
  3. Experience - Our clients have similar benefits. We know what you are facing and can help you efficiently navigate your benefits.  

If you are not maximizing your Employee Benefits, please contact us today!

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